Because we’re a smaller firm, we don’t have to charge our clients for exorbitant overhead and excess staffing. Our fee is generally significantly lower than the 10% that typical brokers charge, and that can translate into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings. It’s money right in your pocket, without ever having to sacrifice on expertise or execution.

Unlike traditional business brokers that try to collect as many listings as possible, we believe that we work best for our clients when we can focus more energy on a select number of successful operators. After all, a business sale is a highly complicated transaction, and it takes close, personal attention to truly understand a particular company, the marketplace, the economic environment and more.

In everything we do, we focus relentlessly on one essential goal: Making satisfying, successful transactions happen for our clients. From our first meeting to final closing, we are motivated by the unique needs, objectives and circumstances of each deal to ensure that, at the end of the day, sales are made and everyone is appropriately rewarded for all of their time and energy.

We do something a lot of others are afraid to do: We tell you the truth. Sometimes that means saying things that you don’t want to hear, but we’re okay with that. The fact is, when valuations are inflated, when expectations are unrealistic and when market conditions are misrepresented, businesses don’t get sold and nobody winds up with anything but wasted time. We’d rather be up-front with you, provide you real world information and prepare you for real-world outcomes.