SF&P Advisors has become a leading facilitator of HVAC and plumbing business sales for a simple reason: We help buyers and sellers find one another. It's more than a matter of making introductions - it takes expertise to understand exactly what qualities a seller is looking for, and then to identify those qualities in prospective buyers. Are there particular revenue goals that need to be met? Growth expectations to build towards? Customer segments to be reached? Territories that need to be covered? Service offerings that need to overlap?  And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

The fact is, finding the right seller for the right buyer is challenging work, which is why more HVAC and plumbing enterprises trust the team at SF&P Advisors to help them through the process. Here is an overview of the range of services we offer:

Our unique sales process begins with an in-depth study of your business. That includes not only a close review of your financials but also detailed discussions about your personal goals, your expectations for your employees, your wishes for the future of your facility and more. You’ll understand right from the beginning how we make it our business to understand your business, and you’ll see for yourself how that gives us the ability to present your company in the best light.

The proprietary package of offering materials we produce for your business forms the centerpiece of your transaction. These are documents that showcase your company as effectively as possible, positioning it accurately and emphasizing those elements that help buyers best understand how your company dovetails with  their own needs and strategies. At the same time, they do more than simply capture a buyer’s interest; they’re designed to accelerate the sales cycle by addressing potential buyers’ most important issues right up front.

We have long-established relationships with a number of leading consolidators, business networks, venture capital groups and private equity firms, so we have tremendous flexibility when it comes to matching the right seller with the right buyer. Because our goal is nothing less than to facilitate successful transactions, we only work with qualified, legitimate and sufficiently funded purchasers to maximize the opportunity for completed transactions.

We support the businesses we represent through all stages of the sales process, including negotiations and closing. In particular, we are accomplished at soliciting and negotiating multiple letters of intent to get our sellers the most appealing offers possible, and we work directly with your legal counsel in the development of definitive agreements.

Regardless of where you happen to be in the sales or purchase process, SF&P can serve as a trusted partner.  From contact to contract to closing, we can guide you, working to protect your best interests and ensure that the transactions you complete are as beneficial and rewarding as possible.