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Expertise & Insight
from contact to contract

SF&P Advisors is
the team that


Specializing in Residential, Commercial and Mechanical HVAC and Plumbing Mergers & Acquisitions


More than
$2.6 Billion
in closed transaction value


Business consultation, offering materials, marketing and negotiation support for residential and commercial HVAC businesses of all sizes.


Transactional support for electrical contractors in all markets and with any focus: residential, commercial, new construction, remodeling, repair and more. 


Highly experienced at supporting standalone plumbing companies and home services providers with a plumbing component.


Full service for contractors of all sizes providing heating, cooling, refrigeration, piping, plumbing and related work.



Full-service business valuation, accounting, research, financial analysis and success strategies

from the leading experts in service contractors and other lower-middle-market companies.

For more than 21 years, SF&P Advisors has served as a trusted partner to HVAC and plumbing businesses, mechanical and commercial contractors and other enterprises, providing a range of services including valuation, accounting, research and financial analysis.  Our goal is to serve as a success strategy firm, driving superior outcomes for our clients.  We achieve this in particular by leveraging the strong relationships we have forged over the past two decades with key consolidators and purchasers, including such companies as TurnPoint Services, Service Champions, Apex Service Partners and leading private equity firms.

When you work with SF&P Advisors, you'll receive close, personal attention that can make all the difference in the success of your transaction. You'll get the expertise you’d expect from a seasoned professional, plus the motivation for success that you’d only receive from someone who personally understands what it means to create and grow a business.

Our only objective is to help you accomplish your goals efficiently and professionally.  And since our fees are based on the work we do for you – not on some large overhead or personnel department that we have to support – you’ll find a relationship with SF&P Advisors to be particularly rewarding.

Glass Buildings

Ray Isaac, Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning

"This has been a life-changing moment for my family and me, and now that it is done, I can comfortably say that all the hard work was worth it. I can also say that I don’t know if I would have been able to make it through this without you and your dedicated team of professionals."

SF&P Advisors

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